Chemgold manufactures all precious metals and fabricated alloys, which enables us to maintain our high level of quality.

Precious Metals

Our exclusive formulations are based on special grain refiners, chemical additives and raw materials. This generates consistency in the cell structure of the metal, which makes Chemgold alloys heat treatable and perfect for all applications including drawing, stamping and drilling.

Stockgauge, Wire & Granules

Chemgold alloys are extremely user friendly and competitively priced. The finest raw materials are used, which ensures the recyclable nature of the metal is maintained.


Chemgold supplies a range of quality solder, which feature excellent flow characteristics and produces clean solder joints.

Master Alloy

Over the years, our research and development division has engineered specific master alloys for manufacturing jewellers. This facilitates more economical production, whereby the manufacturing jeweller can simply add fine gold to the mix and have an exceptional working alloy.

Mokume Gane

Chemgold is the industry leader in supplying Moke Gane; the Japanese art of pattering metal laminates. This style of metal manufacturing dates from feudal Japan and means "Wood Grain Metal". The style and look of the pattern that can be created is limited only by your imagination.

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